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Our Techs Leave a Countertop in Manhattan Glowing After an Amazing Stone Polishing Job

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February 09, 2024

A homeowner in Manhattan despaired over her kitchen countertop. Spanning one side of the room from end to end, the marble countertop was hard to miss. The stone had a beautiful dark pattern that stood out against all the other parts of the kitchen. It also made it easy for the homeowner to spot new flaws after one of her cleaning sessions. Basically, there were stains and etch marks on the flat surface that gave out a very unhygienic appearance, especially around the sink.

Marble Countertop Before and After a Stone Polishing in Manhattan
This wasn't entirely unexpected as the countertop saw a lot of activity at almost all times of the day. Still, the homeowner was surprised when her cleaning efforts had no effect on the stone surface. She knew that the countertop was due for a polishing service, so she went online to find the best company for the job. Sir Grout Manhattan was the first option she checked, and that saved the homeowner a lot of time. She gave us a call right after going through our website's content to ask about our Manhattan Stone Polishing services.

At the end of the call, the homeowner scheduled an appointment for an in-home evaluation, so our specialists went to her house a few days later. They saw the marks on the counter as soon as they began the inspection. Even without the signs of etching, the marble looked dull and lifeless, with almost no shine reflected on the stone. After listening to the client recount her cleaning routine in the days leading up to the inspection, our specialists explained how traditional cleaners only aggravated the problem. These products have harsh ingredients that wind up damaging the stone's porous surface, allowing the absorption of liquids and causing discoloration on the surface. The good news was that they could restore the countertop's original look with their cleaning and polishing equipment. They explained each step of Sir Grout's restoration process in detail, so the client was confident when she hired our services for her countertop.

Later that week, our specialists returned to the client's home to begin the restoration. They soaked the countertop's surface with a high-quality pH-neutral cleaner to remove any residual dirt. Our product is the most effective solution to eliminate the most stubborn stains without putting a strain on stone surfaces. It removes water, mold, and other substances quickly and with minimal scrubbing in between. After the cleaner worked through the leftover stickiness, our specialists used a high-speed scrubbing machine that left the countertop ready for honing.

For this part of the process, our techs ran three sets of diamond pads, each with an increased level of grit. They gradually made their way along the entire marble surface until all etch marks were eliminated, leaving a nice matte finish. To bring back the marble's natural shine, our specialists seamlessly moved on to apply special polishing powders, and it wasn't long before every inch of the countertop had a glow that lit up the whole kitchen.

Lastly, our specialists applied a coat of protective sealant on the stone surface. Our unique sealant helps preserve the countertop's brand-new look through all the daily chores and common household accidents. It also helps inhibit the spread of mold and mildew, making regular maintenance much less stressful for homeowners.

Our techs called the client back into the kitchen, and she took her time marveling over the results. She was delighted by the marble's smooth surface and beautiful look, so she promised to tell more people in Manhattan about Sir Grout Manhattan after thanking our specialists for their service.

As they prepared to leave the client's house, our specialists gave her some additional tips to help her take care of her marble surfaces. As they explained, pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner make cleaning more effective while eliminating the risks caused by chemical products.

Our cleaner's formula combines the most powerful ingredients to remove dirt, spills, soil, mold, and mildew without issue. It also helps preserve the stone's color and shine through all the effects of wear and tear. Countertops are constantly subjected to spills, so it's essential to keep their surfaces dry, without letting the stains sit for too long. Our techs recommended avoiding steel wools and other tools that could scratch the stone's delicate surface, stating that a clean towel or a terry cloth would do the job much more efficiently. A well-ventilated environment also does wonders to preserve hard surfaces in the long run, so our specialists suggested opening the windows and doors from time to time to let more fresh air into the kitchen.

If you feel powerless to stop the effects of wear and tear on your stone surfaces, Sir Grout Manhattan is here for you. We provide specialized restoration surfaces that leave natural stone shining like never before. To schedule an appointment with the best hard surface professionals in Manhattan, call (718) 557-9283 or click on the "Schedule a Free Quote" button on our website. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.
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