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Our Stone Polishing Experts Had the Perfect Solution To Transform This Vanity in Harlem

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May 24, 2024

A couple in Harlem owned a beautiful onyx vanity that had unfortunately seen better days. The couple had tried different means to bring back the brand-new look that made them fall in love with the vanity in the first place, but all their efforts ended the same. The stone looked unappealing, and the etch marks were the most noticeable part of the flat surface.

Onyx Vanity Before and After a Stone Polishing in Harlem, NYC
After weeks of no progress with generic cleaners, the homeowners agreed that a professional polishing service could only improve the vanity's look, so they turned their efforts to finding reliable stone polishing services in Harlem. That's how they found Sir Grout Manhattan and a few minutes on our website proved that there was no need to look elsewhere. The couple checked our online content and read some reviews before heading to our online scheduler to request an appointment.

As requested, our techs visited their home two days later, looking sharp in Sir Grout's signature uniform. When they were inside the house, the homeowners led them to the master bathroom, where the onyx vanity was located. There, the stone surface caught their attention for all the wrong reasons. Weeks of cleaning didn't bring any shine out of the vanity, so it looked dull and neglected from all angles. Our experts explained that etching is common when there's no shortage of objects grazing the surface. Moreover, traditional cleaners may worsen the problem by exposing the stone to chemical ingredients and harsh treatment. The good news is that our specialists have a way to deal with all these issues. They outlined Sir Grout's stone polishing process before reassuring them that our equipment would be enough to eliminate all the marks on the vanity top. The solution was obvious, so the couple didn't hesitate to schedule a new appointment for the restoration.

Later that week, our crew returned to the couple's house, as scheduled. After covering the surrounding area with masking tape, they soaked the flat surface with a stone-safe cleaner to carefully remove all traces of dirt. Thanks to our cleaner's permeating effect, the vanity top was spotless, so our specialists got ready for the next part of the process.

They used multiple sets of diamond pads to hone the stone, gradually increasing the level of grit as the etch marks faded, leaving the onyx surface with a nice matte finish. Then, our experts completed the process with special polishing powders to restore the vanity to its former beauty.

The process was a success, and the polished surface looked impressive. There was only one step left, so our crew didn't waste time applying stone sealant on every inch of the vanity top. Our sealant's long-term protection preserves stone surfaces against the worst effects of wear and tear, repelling external elements like soap, water, grime, and even UV ways. Routine maintenance is simple and much more rewarding when you have our sealant protecting your stone surfaces.

It was time to let the couple see the result, so our techs stepped aside while the homeowners marveled at the vanity's new look. The onyx surface had a unique glow that showcased its quality, and the couple loved how it seemed to make their master bathroom come to life. They both thanked our specialists for their work and promised to praise our services in front of everyone they knew.

Before leaving the couple's house, our techs listed some additional cleaning pointers, starting with the importance of using pH-neutral cleaners on natural stone surfaces. While regular cleaners may gradually alter the stone's color, Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner provides cleaning power without any harmful side effects. Our product quickly removes the stains caused by soap, cosmetic products, mold, and other external elements, so you don't have to mix it with chemical-based formulas to get a thorough result. It also works without affecting the sealant's protection, so you don't have to worry about it wearing off before its time. Another recommendation was to avoid using a ball of steel wool while wiping out the stains. When you use abrasive tools, a mild scrubbing is enough to leave deep scratches on the stone, and chances are that some of the dirt will also stay embedded on the surface. A towel or a terry cloth offers much more precision without damaging the stone in the process.

Our last tip was to ensure that the area was properly ventilated, with fresh air circulating in and out of the bathroom throughout the day. Mold and mildew thrive in enclosed spaces once the air becomes stale, and the dampness left around bathroom surfaces doesn't help. Good indoor ventilation is the first step to avoid many problems down the line.

Do you want a true professional to take care of your stone polishing needs? Sir Grout Manhattan has all you're looking for and more, starting specialists that will put all their skills at your disposal. We know how to give your stone counter the care it deserves, so you can expect gorgeous results. Just call (718) 557-9283 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment with our team. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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