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Our Grout Cleaning Service Worked Wonders for These Floors in Manhattan, NY

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January 31, 2023

A properly maintained apartment is every property manager's goal and every resident's dream. Managing a property requires a lot of work. Property owners must take on a wide array of tasks that range from accounting to maintenance to keep everything running smoothly for the tenants.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Floor Grout Cleaning Service in Manhattan, NY
Recently, a property manager in Manhattan, NY called us to have two of the surfaces in an apartment restored. The tiles on both surfaces were in good shape, but their grout lines were filled with dirt. This affected the overall appearance of the surfaces, making them appear unhygienic. He needed the problem fixed as soon as possible because a new tenant would arrive the following week.

Prior to calling us, he tried taking matters in his own hands and used several cleaning products that had been purchased by the previous tenant. These attempts worked well for the tiles, but the condition of the grout lines didn't improve. This is what prompted him to go online and search for grout cleaning services in Manhattan, NY. He found our website in the top results. After reading positive reviews and seeing numerous pictures of our restoration procedures in the before and after gallery, he called to schedule a free evaluation.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Floor Grout Cleaning in Manhattan, NY
When the day for the assessment came, we observed the grout lines on both surfaces were heavily discolored. The grout was also cracked in several spots. We asked the owner about his cleaning methods. He explained that in an attempt to clean the grout, he had used several over-the-counter products. After inspecting the products, we corroborated that the current state of the fixtures was the result of improper maintenance. These abrasive cleaners ate away at the grout lines and further deteriorated them. He also told us most of these products had been left behind by the previous tenant, which means the floor had been exposed to these cleaners for a long time.

After the assessment, we offered the customer a thorough grout cleaning service to restore the color of the grout. The client asked if we could do anything to help him keep the grout lines looking great, so we offered to seal the grout on both floors with ColorSeal, our proprietary sealant. Convinced, the customer agreed to the service.

The next day, we went back to the client's home to perform the service. We started the cleaning process by soaking both floors with our pH-neutral cleaner. Not only is this product safe for both tile and grout, but it also contains agents that help eradicate and inhibit the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. After the deep-seated dirt and grime were loose, we removed them with a high-speed scrubber. The customer walked by during the cleaning process and noticed how it had improved the appearance of the grout almost immediately. After performing the necessary repairs and ensuring the grout on both floors was fully cleaned, we began the sealing procedure.

We carefully began sealing the grout lines with ColorSeal, our flagship sealant. This is a durable acrylic-based sealant that protects grout against water, stains, mold, mildew, and other external agents. It also prevents dirt accumulation because it's non-porous. ColorSeal comes in any desired color to better match the color of the tiles. In this case, the customer chose white to make both floors look pristine.

Both floors now looked incredible. A grout cleaning and sealing procedure is exactly what they needed. The property owner was sure the renewed floors would make an excellent impression on the new tenant. He thanked us for the service and said he would definitely call back if he needed any kind of hard surface restoration.

Before we left, we gave the client maintenance tips he could relay to his tenants. First, we recommended cleaning the surfaces once a week using a pH-neutral cleaner like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Using acidic cleaners will likely yield negative results, so it's best to stick to tile and grout safe products. Second, we advised him to avoid hard-scrubbing the grout lines. ColorSeal makes them easier to clean, so it isn't necessary.

At Sir Grout Manhattan, we understand how important it is for landlords to maintain their property in good condition. For this reason, we offer our customers all the necessary tools and expertise to perform the best hard surface restoration services in the industry. If you're in Manhattan or nearby areas, call us at (718) 557-9283 or fill out the "Schedule a Free Quote" form to schedule a free consultation today. To keep up with our latest news and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.
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