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Our Crew Provided a Top-Grade Grout Sealing To Restore This Kitchen Floor in Manhattan

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August 29, 2023

No matter how hard she tried, this Manhattan homeowner couldn't get the level of shine she wanted from her kitchen floor. Made of dark slate tiles, the floor was meant to add character to the kitchen area. Instead, the tiles looked dull to the point that they seemed to fade in the background. The homeowner spent hours scrubbing, but the stone didn't regain its natural smoothness.

Slate Floor Before and After a Grout Sealing in Manhattan
Luckily, the homeowner didn't run out of ideas. When her homemade methods didn't work, the next step was to look for the best grout sealing in Manhattan. She went online looking for a reliable company in the area and Sir Grout Manhattan immediately caught her attention. Our website's content gave the homeowner a lot of useful insight, and our picture gallery sealed the deal. Right after checking our credentials, she called our specialists and asked for an in-home evaluation.

On the scheduled date, our techs went to the client's home and inspected her kitchen floor. They saw that the stone tiles had lost all their shine, leaving the floor with a drab, unattractive look. There was no lasting damage to the tiles or the grout, but marks took over most of the surface. The white grout was supposed to contrast with the slate's color, but it only made the stains all more evident at a single glance. Our techs concluded their inspection and told the client about their findings.

Basically, the floor was worn down due to foot traffic and exposure to chemical ingredients. Our specialists explained that this is a common problem when it comes to generic cleaners because they don't fully remove the dirt that's embedded into the grout pores, on top of triggering the discoloration of slate and other stone surfaces. The best course of action was to clean the floor with our professional equipment. Our specialists could ensure a thorough process and prepare the floor properly for sealing. The client requested a new appointment and our specialists agreed to return later that week.

They came back to her home a few days later with all the necessary equipment. First, they soaked the floor with a pH-neutral cleaner and removed the stains with a high-speed scrubber. Our cleaner has a powerful effect that simplifies the elimination of stains, even when they deeply adhere to the floor. Our techs worked quickly, but meticulously, and got the floor to look spotless in no time.

When it was time to seal the grout, they applied ColorSeal on all the grout lines, fully restoring their clean white color. This unique sealant protects grout in more than one way. It preserves the surface's natural beauty while warding off external elements like water, grime, soil, product residue, mold, and mildew. It keeps the grout pores stain-free for a long time, all while enhancing the grout's resistance to wear and tear.

For the last step, our specialists buffed the floors after spreading a high-traffic floor coating on their surface. This, combined with the previous restoration, would consistently improve regular maintenance, working as the perfect asset to keep a clean floor. Our specialists were ready to show the results to the client. The floor's beauty exceeded all her expectations. Now, the tiles displayed the slate's rich details and the floor gave out a nice, modern look that perfectly complimented the rest of the kitchen area.

As they put away their equipment, our specialists took the chance to give the client some useful maintenance pointers. They started by recommending pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Most of the traditional cleaners you see at the store only make hard surface maintenance needlessly harder. By contrast, our cleaner removes the stains more thoroughly while preserving the beauty of different stone surfaces. It provides amazing results without weakening the surface or the sealant that protects it. Our techs also recommended cleaning spills, droplets, and other liquids as soon as they happen to reduce the chances of moisture buildup. Proper indoor ventilation also helps on this end, so our techs reminded the client to open the windows and doors from time to time. Kitchen surfaces are exposed to countless substances every day, especially in large households. However, the right products in a weekly cleaning routine can deliver better results than countless hours of scrubbing. The client had nothing but praise for our specialists and promised to recommend our services to all her friends and relatives.

If you can't get your floors to look their best, you can always count on Sir Grout Manhattan. Our specialists have what it takes to provide a thorough restoration, starting with ample skills to work on stone, grout, and tile, adapting their methods to the demands of each property. Our results will revitalize your living spaces and optimize your cleaning routine. Just call (718) 557-9283 or fill out our website's "Schedule a Free Quote" form to schedule an appointment. And remember to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.

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