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Our Crew Gave This Vanity Top in Manhattan the Best Stone Polishing

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October 26, 2023

A homeowner in Manhattan was quick to notice the change when his bathroom vanity stopped looking its best. The stone surface didn't seem to gleam as it used to, and its natural shine only seemed to dim as time went by. Upon a closer inspection, the homeowner noted some small marks embedded on the vanity top, mostly on the surface surrounding the sink. He worried about compromising the stone's smoothness each time he tried to get some shine out of it, so he stopped using homemade cleaners and decided to contact a Manhattan stone polishing company.

Vanity Top Before and After a Stone Polishing in Manhattan
Our website was the first he visited after starting his search, and Sir Grout Manhattan immediately set the standard on what he wanted for his vanity top. The homeowner was amazed by our picture gallery, and each new piece of info encouraged him to contact our specialists. He asked for an in-home evaluation via our "Request a Quote" form and, a few days later, he welcomed our crew into his home.

Our techs inspected every part of the bathroom vanity and singled out the areas that had been the most affected by wear and tear. As the client had told them earlier, the surface looked worn down, and the stone's color looked duller. Our specialists explained that chemical cleaners gradually stripped natural stone of its shine, causing discoloration and even leaving the surface more vulnerable to cracks. The vanity top needed Sir Grout's special equipment to regain its beauty, so our specialists offered a thorough polishing service that would also leave the surface better protected against damage. The client listened to their explanation and immediately scheduled a new appointment.

During their second visit, our techs got to work as soon as they entered the bathroom. To clean the vanity's surface, they used a pH-neutral cleaner and carefully scrubbed the surface as the leftover stains got loose. This powerful cleaner minimizes the effort needed to keep a vanity spotless, so it serves as the ideal asset to simplify routine maintenance. Our techs took care of the milder marks left by soap scum and stale water, prepping the stone surface for the next step in the process.

Then, they prepared their professional hand machines and gradually removed all signs of deterioration from the stone. They still needed to bring the resulting matte finish to the desired level of shine, so the next step involved using a series of polishing powders on the vanity top. By the time this part of the restoration was over, the surface had the most beautiful glow.

Our techs applied protective sealant on the vanity top to preserve its brand-new look. This sealant creates a shield that stops liquids and external elements from being absorbed into the stone's porous surface. It provides the most durable protection to keep a stone's vanity in perfect condition for months on end and it seamlessly enhances the result of your weekly cleaning.

The vanity was all ready to get the client's final evaluation. Our techs called him into the bathroom and let him admire each portion of the vanity's surface. The results left him speechless. After taking it all in, he praised our specialists' hard work and the quality of our restoration methods.

The client was interested in learning new cleaning tips, so our specialists gladly shared their recommendations at the end of the appointment. They told him to avoid chemical cleaners and soap-based products since their ingredients are too harsh on the stone's delicate surface. The best solution comes from pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. This high-quality product preserves natural stone surfaces through the years while removing different types of stains, from soap scum to grime. Our techs recommended to combine a neutral cleaner's effectiveness with non-abrasive tools like a towel or a terry cloth. This would help remove the most stubborn stains without risking new marks on the vanity's surface. Moisture buildup is a pesky problem that can lead to different forms of surface damage. To counter its effects, our techs recommended to mind the room's ventilation and to clean whatever dampness is left on the vanity after completing any bathroom activity. The homeowner thanked our specialists for their recommendations and promised to tell his friends and family about Sir Grout Manhattan if they ever needed to revamp any part of their homes.

Rediscover the beauty of your bathroom surfaces with the help of the best specialists in Manhattan. Sir Grout Manhattan guarantees the most stunning results and a surface-safe method to preserve your peace of mind. You can trust our expertise and the effectiveness of our resources. Just call (718) 557-9283 or click on the "Schedule a Free Quote" button to schedule an appointment with our crew. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions. Get the best hard surface restoration service from Sir Grout Manhattan.
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