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A Marble Shower in Upper West Side Got the Full Quality of Our Hard Surface Restoration Services

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June 27, 2024

Moisture and soap can do a lot to damage shower surfaces over time, and it's not always easy to stay on top of the problem when many of the solutions available are more likely to make it worse. A homeowner in the upper West Side, NYC, got to this conclusion when his cleaners only seemed to aggravate the discoloration of his shower surfaces.

Tile Shower Before and After Our Hard Surface Restoration Services in Upper West Side
He knew that marble could lose its sheen when exposed to harsh chemicals, so he'd been careful while choosing a small number of products to use in his shower area. Sadly, all his efforts came to nothing when large spots of discoloration started spreading all over the tiles. After seeing the shower's appearance change so drastically in such a short time, the homeowner knew that the safest option was to trust our hard surface restoration services in the Upper West Side.

He'd seen the result of our stone restoration services while visiting friends and colleagues at their homes, but he'd never had a reason to contact our specialists before that point. He had no trouble finding Sir Grout Manhattan online and got a bit distracted browsing our picture gallery before filling out our website's contact form.

As per his request, our crew was at his doorstep before the end of that week. They checked the entire shower stall during the evaluation, paying special attention to the floor tiles where the stains were more prominent. The minerals in the water had really done a number on the floor's tiles, creating a large yellow mark that got thicker near the drain. There were also several spots where the grout had gone loose since much of its sturdiness had faded after absorbing so much liquid.

Our techs confirmed that traditional cleaners wouldn't work in cases like this. On top of prompting the discoloration of natural stone surfaces, these products are more likely to keep the dirt trapped under a soapy layer after constant exposure to the grout. Luckily, Sir Grout's stone restoration method is a sure way to fix these problems for good. Our specialists gave the client a rundown of the process and agreed to return the next day after he asked them to handle the shower's restoration.

After arriving at the client's house for a second time, our techs were led to the bathroom so they could prepare the shower area. When everything was in place, they used a permeating cleaner to help them scrub off the stains, including the dirt that was stuck between the tiles. They also cleaned the shower with a 275-degree vapor steamer to ensure that no mold remained in harder-to-reach areas.

Next, they installed our epoxy solution on the damaged parts of the grout, increasing their durability against water, mold, mildew, and soap. Our epoxy grout isn't as porous as its cement-based counterpart, so it's much more fit to withstand the effects of wear and tear in a high-traffic area.

To restore the marble tiles, our experts started honing the stone with three sets of high-end diamond pads. They focused on the task and increased the level of grit as the etch marks disappeared from the surface. Then, they used special polishing powders to bring back the vibrancy of the tiles. Last but not least, they applied stone sealant to preserve the marble surface against deterioration and harsh elements in shower products.

This marked the end of the restoration, and the shower couldn't look better. The homeowner was impressed with its new look, admiring the tiles' elegant beauty and the quality of our work on the grout. He knew that he'd call us when he came across similar issues in other parts of his house, and he promised to recommend Sir Grout Manhattan to everyone he knew in the Upper West Side area.

Our experts had some additional pointers to share before ending the appointment. They started by introducing pH-neutral cleaners as the ideal alternative to replace bleach and soap-based solutions. Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner simplifies routine cleaning while improving the end result because it removes all traces of embedded dirt quickly and efficiently. It won't subject your surfaces to harsh ingredients and you won't have to worry about being potentially harmed by toxic fumes, so your cleaning sessions are also safer overall.

We also recommend looking into the bathroom's ventilation system to minimize the instances of mold and mildew. Moisture buildup is fairly common on shower surfaces, so it's imperative to keep them properly ventilated at all times of the day. If you notice that the air becomes stale, make sure to leave the bathroom door open and to let in the air from the windows.

Sir Grout Manhattan is ready to assist you with everything you need in terms of hard surface restoration. We've perfected our equipment to surpass all expectations, and our specialists have decades of combined experience under their belts, so you can always trust their assessment. We have just what you need to restore the beauty of your stone surfaces! Just call (718) 557-9283 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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