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A Grout Cleaning and Caulking Service in Manhattan Gave This Bathroom a Fresh, New Look

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June 23, 2016

Closed environments that are highly exposed to water can cause more than one problem. A shower, for example, is a moist place that needs specific maintenance to avoid common moisture-related issues. A very common outcome due to moisture in showers is mold. A homeowner in Manhattan had this problem in her shower. The shower walls were deeply stained and worn-down. The tiles were really discolored, and the grout was chipped, cracked, and peeled. On top of everything, there was soap-scum all over the tiles and grout.

The frustration of watching her shower's appearance worsen every day had undermined the homeowner's confidence. She had tried common products that are specially created to clean tiles and grout, but they had been useless. She had decided to give homemade remedies a chance and tried vinegar and even lemon, but the stains continued to spread. She felt hopeless about the situation. At that point, her husband decided to look for professional help and went online to search for Manhattan caulking services. He found Sir Grout Manhattan among the first choices and contacted us as a surprise for his wife.

Before and After Picture of our Caulking Services Performed in Manhattan, NY
Our team of trained technicians agreed on a date with the husband. When our team got to the house, the homeowner was both surprised and relieved at the same time. The experts saw the shower and told the owner it had pink mold and that it needed a cleaning service to remove all the dirt and stains. They explained that the tiles and grout had deteriorated due to exposure to hard water. Therefore, it was necessary to seal the surface of the grout and waterproof the enclosure of the shower to prevent future water damage.

Homeownership is not an easy job, and there are always things to learn when it comes to maintaining a home. Therefore, finding the correct maintenance methods is sometimes difficult. Since they are usually damp, showers can easily deteriorate due to moisture. Hard water and soap scum are moisture's accomplices in ruining a shower. Hard water contains high levels of lime and chalk that adhere to the tile and grout in your shower, producing scale. Soap leaves residue behind, which aggravates the scale buildup. This results in an environment that attracts a lot of dirt.

On the other hand, since grout is a porous material, moisture can easily permeate its surface, producing mold, which can grow and reproduce inside the grout. It is very important to identify mold quickly to prevent further consequences. Caulk is also a victim of water damage. The homeowner had used abrasive products and acidic solutions to clean the shower's surface. As grout and caulk become exposed, they peel and chip, allowing dirt and water to permeate the surface, facilitating deterioration and mold growth.

Our professionals started with a deep cleaning procedure that involved pH-neutral cleaning products. They used a high-speed scrubber to remove all the dirt from the surface, and even used vapor steam cleaning for stubborn areas, penetrating grout and stopping the formation of mold. At that point, the grout was ready for a sealing service. Our team used our proprietary ColorSeal, which made this shower's grout lines look like new again. Besides reviving grout, ColorSeal makes it water- and stain-resistant.

For this particular case, the caulk was treated. Our technicians performed an epoxy caulking service that sealed the joints of the shower, preventing water from seeping under the tiles. Epoxy caulk prevents water damage and health risks due to mold formation, which is why it was the perfect solution for this shower.

Our customer and her husband were thrilled with the results. They had gained back their beautiful, clean shower and felt safe knowing that their shower was mold-free. The homeowner shook hands with the team and thanked them. Before leaving, our team recommended the use of pH-neutral products for regular maintenance. They also suggested that the homeowner keep the shower as dry as possible to prevent scale buildup and chipped grout.

If you want to repair or prevent water damage in your shower, Sir Grout Manhattan can provide you with the perfect solution. Contact us for further information by calling (718) 557-9283 or by filling out the form on the website.

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